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According to Wikipedia, a heavy hauler is defined as “a very large transporter for moving oversize loads too large for road travel without an escort and special permit…”, but that is only a fraction of what defines Phillips Specialized Heavy Hauling as a business. We offer various services and you may not even understand them all, which is why we’ve decided to explain a bit more of our job to you!


B Train
Two trailers linked together by a fifth wheel; can be up to 26m (85 ft) long.


Used for large items that don’t fit in an enclosed truck; the body of the truck is entirely flat and level, there are no sides or roof.


A part that can be added to flatbeds when you need to carry long, self-supporting loads.


An initialism for Removable Gooseneck, also sometimes known as a double drop or detach. It has a gooseneck that detaches and moves away from the trailer’s lower deck.


This is the shaft that connects a pair of tires and on which those tires rotate.


Step Deck Trailer
A specialized version of the flatbed trailer with two different levels of a deck: a bottom and a top. They are designed to carry and haul truckload freight loads that exceed the allowed limits – particularly height restrictions – for the standard flatbed.


A truck body trailer that can be detached from the chassis for loading into a vessel, a rail car or stacked in a container depot.


A frame with wheels and container locking devices in order to secure the container for movement.


These are just a few definitions that relate to the services we offer at Phillips Specialized Heavy Hauling. If you ever have any questions about other terms or what services we offer, please contact us. We are ready and willing to help!

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